Can you remember how it all started?

Do you remember the very first time you watched porn, maybe just out of interest or it was sent to you by friends?

Is there anything about your feelings that changed after it? Can you tell what?

For most people it is hard to tell what porn does to their soul and mind in the beginning. But after some time they realize they cannot stop watching porn. There is something in them that wants to be satisfied and is calling for these videos, pictures, feelings all the time. They are able to realize that, but unable to make a change and quit.

Are you one of those people?

This page is about how people get addicted to porn and what this does to the peoples minds. Assuming you know what we are talking about this page is called Your Record pointing out that it can be part of your past life in just some time. It is possible to leave this road and fight with Jesus against temptation and sin. For further reading the page Your Battle is highly recommended. If you would like to follow a video-course or search for more information, follow this link, which leads to a website (different languages selectable) that helps people with stopping to watch porn.

Let’s get down to it!