You are now on the road to a clean heart, being a man or a women after god’s will. How to proceed?

The second step simply tells you that there are no specific steps. Your battle is not the battle of one of your brothers in faith.Your brother’s problems are not your problems and your progress might not be shared by others. There is no new recipe of salvation which tells you to do this and that and then earn the eternal life. There is only one, very old thing that was written down in the holy bible. Rely on Jesus, trust his words and stay close to him.

Jesus is not just there when you watch porn and points on you saying: “Got you!”. He is full of love, and because of his love he does not want to denounce you, but help you. Don’t be afraid of his presence.

Staying close to him means to built a real relationship. Usually you are talking to people you like, e.g. your close friends or family. If you want to built a relationship to Jesus, you should try to talk to him. And also listen to him. Communication always needs two parties that are willing to exchange information. So if you always just tell Jesus about your regrets after committing adultery, it is no real communication. You can also tell him about the good times that are not linked to sexual topics or when you are about to fail. Also, maybe more important than talking, is to listen. Try to find a way and a time where Jesus can give you advice. This could be worship, reading the bible, praying or enjoying nature, to give you some examples. Always make sure that the advice you get is consistent with the bible.

Jesus is the way to get you out of this:

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

James 4:7 ESV